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Oregon Coast Highway 101 Overlooks and Sea Bluffs Video


Oregon Coast Highway 101 Overlooks and Sea Bluffs Video—
Driving Oregon Coast Highway 101 is a daring adventure as you will see in this video article. The overlooks and sea bluffs that you drive over will make it seem like you are flying high above the Pacific Ocean. In a piece of this video you will actually look DOWN on a sea bird from the highway.


Oregon's Lonely Beaches Video


Oregon Lonely Beaches Video—
The lonely beaches of Oregon are a state treasure and over 363 miles of these beaches have been set aside for the public's use. See why we call them the Oregon LONELY beaches. Peace and serenity will overtake you!


Oregon Coast Rainforests Video


Oregon Coast Highway 101 Rainforests Video—
The Oregon Coast rainforests are unique and diversified. Mushrooms and ferns abound. The trees are moss draped and the feeling is of being in a great cathedral. Best of all, there are many places where you can tuck in and just absorbed the ambiance of Mother Nature.


Oregon Seafood Capitol Coast Cities Video


Oregon Coast Seafood Cities—
The cities along Oregon Coast Highway 101 are famous for their abundance of seafood of all sorts but especially the Dungeness crabs. Catch your own or buy from the places along the docks and some even cook them up fresh for you. Don't forget the fresh oysters!


Oregon Coast Tidepools Video


Oregon Coast Tidepools Video—
The Oregon Coast is one of the few places where the rocks meet the ocean in such a way as to create a biosphere of tidepools. These tidepools are windows into the undersea world that are well worth the time to see.


Oregon Coast Lighthouses Video


Oregon Coast Highway 101 Lighthouses Video—
The Oregon Coast has over 19 historic lighthouses along Highway 101. Many are still in use today. These lighthouses hold many in awe and have saved many lives. See why they call them the "Eye of God".


Icons of Oregon


Oregon Coast Icons, Coast Highway 101 Video
Showing thebridges of Conde McCullough and the Peter Irederdale shipwreck and more.



Oregon Fish Camps


Oregon, Funky Fishing Camps, Nehalam River, Coast Highway 101 Video 
Coast Highway 101 Video for the Oregon fishing experience.  



Oregon Coast Shopping


Oregon Coast Shopping Towns, Coast Highway 101 Video
Showing the diversity of the Oregon Coast culture.



Astoria Oregon Highway 101


Astoria Oregon, Columbia River Bar, Coast Highway 101 Video—
U.S. Highway 101, to Astoria, Oregon, on the banks of the Columbia River, is a sure way to break-out of a case of the travelers mullygrubs.


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